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Vacation Club Service

They are distinguished by the flexibility and options of services offered to their members.
The vacation club brings together a very specific segment of consumers that regularly has a purchasing power superior to the rest of the clients who usually visit the resort, therefore the value proposal received by the members affiliated to the club plays an important role in the success of it.


There are several benefits obtained by companies that have a vacation club:

  • Regardless of the membership scheme (points, discounts, nights) club members represent an excellent opportunity to increase or generate occupancy bases of a resort, according to the rate scheme included in its membership.
  • Club members with high levels of satisfaction will have no hesitation in recommending the brand; therefore they help in the positioning of the same. The timeshare industry has evolved over the years, adapting to new travel trends and consumer needs; this is how the concept of vacation clubs started and today attracts new customers with lower marketing costs.
  • The vacation club is usually the engine of growth in many of the companies due to the flows that are generated by the commercialization of the memberships; members pay in advance for a service they will obtain in the future.